What do I do with my life? Is it ok to change your mind?


real life footage of me not knowing what to do with my life

A classic question that a lot of people (especially youth) may find themselves thinking often. It’s very easy to get yourself into the rabbit-hole mindset of “I must decide now and then live with this career/life/love decision forreeeeever.”

I caught myself in this rabbit hole just recently, but thankfully a slightly drunken state and support from some close friends forced me to take an outside perspective. In this drunken state I even wrote a reminder to myself for times when I find myself slowing crawling down into that rabbit hole in the future.


Ok John, so you’re now into your final week of  the Hansel and Gretel season. In many ways this experience has taught you a lot about what kind of performer and person you may want to become if you’re to continue in this industry.

I want you John, to focus on being a human being first and an actor second. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN ACTOR 24/7 or feel like you wont succeed if you don’t live in this state of feeling like everything you do has to help your chances of getting the next gig. Because ultimately if you continue to treat yourself this way you will lose a sense of who you are and the work (when and if you do it, will be half-hearted and bitter) 

It’s ok to take a break from it. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you’re a performer, not even to yourself, just BE one. 

Take your time! Fuck it. If you feel like it get a full time job for a bit and earn money to learn about the other things you’re interested in, such as sign language and mixing music and playing guitar at bars. People wont think less of you if the path you take doesn’t make sense to them. Besides, most people are worrying about themselves too much to care if you’re doing the “right” thing. 

It’s you’re life John, so do it for you. There’s no rush. 


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